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INCONY is your reliable and competent business partner for administrating product data and images as well as the automatic generation of product catalogs, price lists, data sheets, etc. By using the software ANTEROS®, your product data just has to be updated once before they can be processed automatically for print, web and app. Many companies benefit already from ANTEROS.

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Product database: The functionality of ANTEROS enables you to systemize your product data so that you will able to save up to 90 % time and costs in following maintenance.

Image database: Once you save images in a high resolution they can be converted in various formats on demand. You can search for the images with just a few clicks in a web-based fashion and link images to products.

Cross Media Publishing On-Demand:

  • Produce product documents faster, more up-to-date, and at lower cost
  • Generate Web catalogs / shops with easy-to-use search functions, cross-selling and ordering functionality
  • Create catalogs in BMEcat, Arge, DATANORM, eClass, ETIM, ...
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Innovation award for ANTEROS in the category On Demand.
Innovation award for ANTEROS in the category Datamanagement.


Your Benefits from ANTEROS:

  • Time saving, faster production: With the catalog on demand of ANTEROS, you can create catalogs, price lists and other documents much faster. So you are one step ahead of your competitors and you can concentrate on your core business tasks.  
  • Cost savings: Because of the automatic process you save expenses in the data maintenance. The costs for finishing documents in DTP are omitted completely because of the innovative print generation ANTEROS provides. Our customers could save up to 90%. The investment in our software ANTEROS amortizes often already with the second edition of a catalog.  
  • Easy opening of new markets:You can generate new catalogs in additional languages with just a few clicks and tap new markets easier. Product documents written in the native language provide you with a clear competitive advantage. With ANTEROS you can achieve this goal at low costs and less time.
  • Up-to-date product data for Print and Internet because all data are stored media-neutral only once.
  • Consistent data: Due to the central product data management there is no risk to forget data updates on “some data islands”. This higher quality of data in the sales documents may decrease the number of erroneous orders and complaints. It will also sharpen your image as a quality focussed company.
  • Customer-specific catalogs without additional costs: ANTEROS allows you to automatically generate customer-specific catalogs or catalog extracts on-demand in perfect quality. This saves work and costs for the downstream finishing process und enables you to fulfil new customers’ requirements.
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